Know Your Neighbours !!

I am blessed to be brought up in a small industrial town which was quite well-planned and life was as easy as one could always think it to be. Right now when I am in one of the most beautiful city of world, the beauty of the place I grew up seems no less than this place of a developed country( A little exaggeration is allowed due to emotional chord I am tied to the place, Nepa 😉 ). But more than anything it is the healthy social life we enjoyed albeit it did create a pseudo pressure of always remaining in the good books of our small society as every one knew almost every thing about the neighbour-hood unlike the bigger cities I worked later.

And its truth but wherever I have been, I always kept looking for my small Industrial town, whether its been my work place, college or the city. The people who shared our joys and sorrows were not the one from same community but from every possible state in India one can imagine. Yes, our taste-buds know how the food cooked in Kashmiri family tastes and so the food cooked by a Keralite and we never needed to visit these places to enjoy this. Its easy for me to copy the Punjabi Parathas and little practice will make me better in preparing Dosas though cooking has never been my passion.

Though my parents always wanted to remain connected to our roots because of emotional reasons, Bengalis, Marathis, Gujratis, Sindhis, Marwaris, Kashimiris, Tamilians,Punjabis all were like our extended family, and yes Biharis too but incidentally none from our community as we were the only family from Mithilanchal. And that’s the reason the divide which some see so easily and thus believe it exits I never saw and I know most from that Industrial town did not see.

Hope people learn to know their neighbors and the fact that we are all an extended family and are there to share the joys & sorrows of each other. The Diversity in the country where 1/6th of world’s population lives is to make our lives rich and diverse and not to divide us in illusional boundaries.IMG_6805


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