Smile Please :-))

Life is never a straight line but is with lots of turns, twists, hills & valleys. If you can not see something now that does not mean it does not exist.

We often need to take solo journey to see what life has to offer instead of being conditioned by the beliefs we were taught.

Being optimist may or may not fetch what one hopes for but being pessimist does take away the smile of present moment from our face.

So instead of being worried about what future holds for one, choose to smile now. And trust the Almighty as we are His/Her creation & through our failures & frailties S/He is using us to convey the lessons to fellow-beings that no success is too big for anyone to achieve. SMILE PLEASE 🙂

Shikha Jha ( Abhilasha, Anshu) ~ 16.06.2016IMG_7169


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