Happy Father’s Day Papa !!

When I was in my 1st & 2nd Standard, our project works used to be usually about sticking pictures of Animals, Plants et al & submit it.

My father used to help me to complete my project work & he would slice off the name from the sticker & paste it on notebook. Thereafter, I had to write the name of respective items below. While this was the way I did my projects that of my class-mates were much neater than mine as most would stick the pictures without chopping off the names. My handwriting has never been beautiful enough to impress anyone least it was then. Ofcourse, I dont remember that this ever led to score more or less marks than anyone in my class.

However, more than one decade later that habit stayed with me. In my M.B.A while most or infact all just opted for easy way to copy the project already submitted by somebody else, I scripted my project entirely, drew the draft design of all the graphs , did meticulous analysis of the data I had collected & even spent a good portion of money to get my written project typed. [I was new to computers then & speed I used to type would have taken 1 semester time to type the complete project,specially when I did not have my own computer or the one which I could have used as long as I could ;)] . Not that I had plenty of money to spare but just-in-time scholarship of INR 5000 allowed me to have that much money to spare some INR 680 then. It was a big amount for a student like me back in 2003.

A mere photocopy of someone’s else project would have saved not only my efforts but could have just costed me INR 30.

Again not that all these efforts led to get more marks in project than any of my class-mates, but then my first job in HR would not have come so easily to me if my concepts were not too clear to answer the tough questions of Mr.Sachida Nand Sir. Not sure, if he remembers or not but the first telephonic interview which he took lasted for 1 & 1/2 hr and that too without any preparation from my end.

Thus the habit of taking the tougher path despite the allure of better outcome from easy one would have never become part of personality if my father would not have made me to choose one when I was as young as 6 yrs old.

Rewards of same may not be immediate or one I may have hoped for but perhaps the one I always need of.

Happy Father’s Day Papa..Shri. Ajit Jha .



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