Trust the baby-boomers for data-retention & process-compliance !!

IMG_6980A lot of articles have been written to appreciate or criticise the millenials ignoring the importance of generation who have either retired or about to retire from their respective jobs i.e Baby boomers, the one born between 1946-1964.

Working as HR in industries other than IT meant that I worked with people from this generation as well. Thus there is something, I would like to share based on my experience & consider it as key difference between them & people from other generation. Not that people of other generation do not have these qualities but I found it as more person specific rather than common in people of Generation X & Millenials . Most people do not bother to carry pen despite its possible use while visiting Banks or other places where they may need one to carry.

When I started my job hunt, I submitted my resume to 2 placement consultants. The one of those consultancy had large office space and the youngters thronging them were in good number. The girl at the reception was a pretty girl of my age or may be a couple of years younger to me. I was being asked to fill the form & drop my resume over there.

Thereafter, I went to another consultancy which was owned by two elderly gentlemen in their 60s then. Unlike the first consultancy, they rather took my interview to have better idea of my capabilities & interests.

When I came out, Khare uncle immediately told me that the second one seemed reasonable to him while he had little hope from the first one where people were just asked to drop their resume without taking any effort to assess them.

I returned to Nepa expecting little from either of them. That was the time I used to consider me too small to compete with smarter looking people from bigger places like Bhopal & Indore. However, I was proven wrong when I received an email from the second consultancy after more than one month. Ofcourse, I never received any response from the first consultancy. And thereafter my first job was just 3 more rounds of interview away.

Then in my first job, I worked with Mr. Sachida Nand Sir for good one year where he was my mentor while I was reporting to ED of the company. He was not only particular about work but equally particular about its documentation. Despite my reluctance, I had to squeeze the time out to prepare my weekly report which he would check during his fortnightly or monthly visit to the office.

Then after a short stint in another Organization, I moved to Sayaji. There Mr.Ashok Virmani Sir joined post his retirement from Tata Steels, Jamshedpur. He was an Engineer by qualification and experience but wanted to keep himself engaged after his retirement. Working on Computers was not so easy for him, despite that he used to work as meticulously as possible. And with equal diligence, he would keep track of his daily work & assignments. His curiosity was that of a little child and he used to leave no stone unturned to learn all he could about the function he had never worked in earlier. At that stage, his energy-level & enthusiasm served for me to scale-up that of his & inspired me constantly.

Then I have seen my own father Mr. Ajit Jha & knows quite well that any document, data is safe if it is in his custody. He has a brief-case, in which he keeps all his important documents like precious stones & jewelry. Same is case with my father-in-law Mr. Chandrasekhar Thakur.


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