Love conqers all !!


  1. 25 students in a class & hardly anyone is identical. But are they similar ? Yes, in aspects more than one.
  2. On the first day of my A2–>B1 class, the girl sitting to my left was Indian by nationality and is born to a German man & an Indian woman. As much as Anti-romeo sqad is in news now a days, paradox plays at its best when you learn that she is from ‘Vrindawan’. I am yet to know more about her, but my best guess says that she is from “Hare Rama, Hare Krishna” ideology. She aspires to be an “Yoga & Ayurveda” teacher here in Holland & is married to an Hindustani ( Surinameese of Indian origin).
  3. She introduced herself as Indian despite her green eyes & lighter skin tone giving hints otherwise. Yeah, Aiswarya Rai, Archana Jogelkar, Sarika , Kapoor sisters are few Indians who look similar but they are quite a handful among we dark-eyes Indians.
  4. Had it not been love, how could the goodness of Indian culture have spread this far?
  5. If only there was an anti-romeo sqad , 25 yrs back as well , a future Yoga & Ayurveda teacher would have never been born.

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